Lochie’s 12 days of Christmas Safety

We all enjoy the Christmas break but unfortunately it is also a time of increased household accidents, many of which can be avoided with a little care and preparation.

So to help avoid any nasty accidents with electricity over the festive season, Lochie the Linesperson has teamed up with the non-compliant safety Elf to create safety postcards for the festive season. The 12 postcards show some of the most common mistakes people make, not only at Christmas, but any time of the year when they start preparing for holidays. We want to see more Lochies than naughty non-compliant safety Elves this year so spread and share the safety message with these 12 safety postcards with friends and family each day. Have a safe Christmas and happy New Year!

Thoroughly check all your old decorative lights and dispose of any frayed cords

Make sure that when you drag the box out of the shed or from under the bed, take the time to check the cables are in good condition BEFORE you plug them in. If this is your dog or cat’s first Christmas regularly check wiring for inquiring teeth marks.

Have you tested your RCD in the last three months?

Did you know that you are meant to test your RCD every three months? No? Well Christmas is the perfect time to set the calendar alert to remind you to take 10 seconds and make sure this vital piece of safety protection is working properly.

Are your decorative lights Australian standard compliant?

Yes it’s Christmas and we all love a bargain! But when it comes to having a safe Christmas with electricity, make sure you look for the Australian Compliance tag as well as the price tag. Whether it is big budget or budget bin, when you buy lights and other electrical appliances remember price isn’t always an indicator of compliance.

Don’t overload power boards and double adaptors

Cables, power boards and double adaptors shouldn’t be the centrepiece of conversation at Christmas. If it is, you should think about unplugging and simplifying your electrical set up.

If you have a living Christmas tree, be sure to switch off and unplug before watering

Water and electricity make a dangerous mix so use common sense when watering if you have a real Christmas tree or lighting installation near plants and vegetation. With external lighting displays, make sure any sensitive wiring or switches are out of sprinkler range.

Unwind all electrical cords to avoid overheating when in use

We all like the look of neat packages placed under a Christmas tree rather than lots of cables…but coiled or clumped electrical cables generate heat and can, under some circumstances, start a fire. Use length appropriate extension cords wherever possible.

Keep yourself and electrical items well away from powerlines by at least three metres *Grinch alert!*

This is a great time of year with people going that extra mile with decorations to brighten their homes and the community. But, under threat of being labelled a Grinch, please keep all your decorations and lighting installations three metres from power poles and lines.

Remember to turn off all decorative lights before going to bed

If it’s night time around Christmas, and all through the house,

Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.

And you’ve finished with Netflix and surfing the web,

Remember to switch your lights off, before heading to bed.

Use appropriate lighting for indoor and outdoor use

It’s a bit like wearing sunglasses indoors, or your Santa suit on backwards…it’s just silly, won’t look good or get the job done! Use outdoor light outdoors, and indoor lights indoors…simple, easy and safe.

Do not put decorative lights above pools/spas

The Christmas holiday season is here and with it comes hot weather and a range of creative ways to escape the heat. Be careful that whatever you do to keep cool doesn’t jeopardise your safety around electricity. So before you make a splash make sure it won’t end in a zap.

Cover all extension cords lying across walkways

Loose cables and cords can create a trip hazard so make sure that any extension cords crossing walkways are covered or accompanied with adequate warnings.

Drones are fun

We know drones are the modern, must-have electronic gadget and there will be a few under Christmas trees this year. We also know that they shouldn’t be flown close to powerlines. Now you know too.

Article by Western Power