Public Myth Busting Session? The Real Facts of Retirement Living

With so much talk about this industry which is accommodating the ever-growing demand for baby boomers, we encourage you to get the real facts!

If you really believe retirement villages “BLEED YOU DRY UNTIL YOU DIE” you owe it to yourself to come and hear the REAL facts on retirement living and what this exclusive and seniors living option is really all about.

Join us for an independent information session on retirement village living that will include a panel discussion that should answer all your questions (and also allay some misconceptions).

Our panel will include:

  • Real Estate Agent (The Property Exchange) – dedicated experience in the Leederville area, providing information on current market value, advantageous of selling and buying and current sales analysis of your local catchment area.
  • Financial Advisor (DJ Carmichael) – expert knowledge and experience for people considering a move into a retirement village and the associated financial implications, learn the truth about incoming / ongoing and outgoing fees.
  • Leederville Gardens Resident – a village resident who will provide first-hand their experience on moving into a village, the reasons behind their move and what it’s really like being part of a likeminded community.

This session is open to the wider community to help expand knowledge and overall awareness of this unique and seniors focused accommodation option, bring your loved ones, listen to the informative panel discussion, have a look around the village and enjoy lunch with our many happy residents who have taken up the opportunity of ageing independently, happily and very socially at Leederville Gardens.

4 May 2019

Saturday, 10.30am to 12.30pm

LEEDERVILLE GARDENS – Get the real facts

37 Britannia Road, Leederville

Please RSVP for catering requirements by 1 May 2019

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