Concerned Your Loved One May Fall?

Falls are a major health risk in Australia with around 30% of adults over the age of 65 experiencing at least one fall each year.

However, older people are not the only ones at risk of a fall. Falls can affect people living with disabilities, individuals recovering from injuries or sickness and people with epilepsy or other medical conditions such as diabetes.

Here is a list of three key things you can do to minimise the risks of a fall.

One of the dangers of a fall is that your loved one may not be conscious or in a position to call for help. Luckily, these days there is a range of technologies available to support people who are at risk of a fall.

Technology solutions can offer the freedom for many people to continue to live life on their own terms, while also providing their family members and loved ones with peace of mind knowing they are safe.

Gavin’s Fall Detector

Gavin started experiencing sudden drop attacks in 2004. His Doctor introduced technology that can detect if he falls and will raise the alarm for help.

In the video below Gavin and his family discuss how the Fall Detector has allowed him to live a normal life, and give them all peace of mind.

Click on the link to access the video Gavin’s Fall Detector