Laying the Foundation for Retirement

Senior Australians have worked hard all their life, contributing to the Australian economy and to their local community. After a life-long journey of building, creating, planning, manufacturing, planting, helping and nurturing, now it’s time to enjoy your golden years.

The age pension is a safety net provided by the government to support those who need it most – our hardworking seniors who have helped create modern Australia.

It is reassuring to know that with the support of the Age Pension, more bills are covered. And, with the pension comes the Pensioner Concession Card that gives you cheaper medicine, bulk billed doctor’s visits and help with hearing services.

Four out of five Australians rely on the Age Pension in their retirement. In addition to being a permanent Australian resident, you need to be 65 years and six months or older and pass a means test. The means test is a way to make sure the system is fair and properly targeted to those most in need. But, it can be difficult to understand what payment you could be entitled to and how best to claim the Age Pension.

Your assets – your investments, super, cars, boats and caravans – can affect your eligibility. So too, can your income affect your pension entitlement.

You can earn up to $160 a fortnight (or $284 as a couple) without any reduction to your payment. If you earn more than this, your pension is reduced by 50 cents for each extra dollar that you earn.

It’s important that eligible senior Australians take advantage of the pension. But it can be complicated stuff to understand. Centrelink provide an exhaustive list of the particulars on their website but it can feel very overwhelming trying to navigate the process. To ensure you’re receiving the age pension that you’re eligible for, why not get some help?

Life is about the little things. Sorting out the tricky stuff and securing financial peace of mind leaves more time spent relaxing with family and enjoying your retirement years in whichever way you choose, with less worries. You’ve earned it.

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