Your Future at Leederville Gardens

As Western Australia continues to be very well positioned in the fight to keep COVID-19 at bay, we see that older Australians are stepping back and carefully considering their options for the future. We have seen a steady increase in foot traffic and sales at Leederville Gardens in the last few months.  Life is precious and people are keen to live it to the full.

Having experienced long periods of isolation, people are actively taking steps to position themselves in an environment where their neighbours are known to them and they can benefit from the multitude of services available.  Whilst many have loving families who have cared and shopped for them, they do not want to place any additional pressures on them – older folk are the first to acknowledge that their children have many demands on them in these busy times.

It has also been apparent, with families caught either overseas or interstate, that even with the best will in the world, families cannot always assist. We are seeing a huge increase in family support for the move, possibly because they can see a real and tangible benefit for mum and/or dad and peace of mind for themselves.

The experience of COVID has emphasized why retirement village living works so well.  When things were at their worst, Village Management regularly ‘checked in’ with residents to make sure they were well and had all they needed.  Many organisations and neighbours contacted the village offering help – they were easily able to target the support they so wanted to give because we are very much part of our local community.

Our more vulnerable residents benefited from a free evening meal, courtesy of the Mindaroo Foundation and the local shopping centre provided a small gift for everyone at Easter.  Our hairdresser continued to look after her clients with extra measures in place to keep them safe. We may have been isolated – but we all looked great!

Yes, there were restrictions on our social gatherings, but we were well positioned to respond as things changed and offer residents the opportunity to come together in small groups.  The layout of the village also offered many advantages, the arrangement of units around our grassed areas or ‘pods’ means outdoor space is available on the doorstep and contact limited only to your neighbours. A visit to the village will confirm we are fantastically positioned next to the Britannia Reserve and our gardens are spectacular.

Making the move isn’t nearly as stressful as some folk expect.  It is possible to secure a unit prior to selling your existing home with a fully refundable deposit.  And, as settlement approaches, we are always happy for people to start moving their belongings, setting up their new home and meeting their neighbours.

If you are thinking about your future, drop into Leederville Gardens and have a chat with the residents, they are the very best people to tell you about life here.

The true meaning to companionship and security explained right here from residents at Leederville Gardens:

  • “Comradery across our village helped us through this challenging time“
  • “The support and care of my neighbours helped me not feel alone“
  • “Allot of people who don’t live in a retirement village don’t see how community minded the environment actually is – when it counts! It’s a lifestyle choice I love“
  • “These past weeks have confirmed for me that being at a village is exactly the right place for my time of life”
  • “The beautiful gardens always bring a smile to my face even during recent time of despair“
  • “Safe, supported and surrounded by caring people. Retirement Living has been the best place to experience the challenge of a global pandemic”
  • “Living here has been very comforting knowing I have caring people all around me. We may not talk or visit each other every day but there is always someone around to wave too or to engage in a chat”
  • “We are an independent living village, but when a crisis occurs, we know how to band together“
  • Moving into Leederville Gardens has been one of the best decisions of my life. I can be involved in the village life or live in my own bubble – the choice is mine”