Community Centre & Village Lifestyle

At the heart of every village is its Community Centre, where residents come and go as they please, whilst enjoying impressive spaces and a wide range of activities and services.

The Community Centre at Leederville Gardens has something for everyone to enjoy. You will find a spacious lounge, dining room, library, arts and crafts, fitness classes, card games, pool table and outdoor BBQ area. The Community Centre is your extended home to use as you wish and enjoy with other residents or your family and friends.

You’ll be amazed at the facilities available and proud to show them off when you welcome friends and family to your new home.

The Community Centre is where you will find the Village Manager who is welcoming and happy to assist with your queries, as well as onsite visiting Doctor, Hairdresser and Podiatrist.

Village Lifestyle

Creating an environment for a positive lifestyle is something that Leederville Gardens retirement village take very seriously. It’s why village life is seen by many as a natural and positive choice for older Australians. Many Leederville Gardens residents say they have become more active, more confident and enjoy a greater social life since moving to the village, and some go as far as to say they wish they’d done it sooner.

A sense of community

Leederville Gardens work hard to foster a great sense of community in their village. As a resident you’ll be invited to join activities and social events but ultimately you can choose to be as social or as private as you like. The village social calendar includes things like aerobics, card games, personal training, craft groups, tai chi, walking groups, gardening, as well as outings to galleries, movies, events and places of interest. How much, or how little, you participate is entirely up to you.

A say in the way things are run

Leederville Gardens has a residents’ committee, which means that you have the opportunity to have a say in the way the village is run, and a forum through which to provide feedback to village management on ways to make it even better.

A residents’ committee has a number of consultative rights in relation to a village’s annual budget, resolution of disputes and other matters, as well as the power to convene a formal meeting of residents.

Your previous life doesn’t end when you move into Leederville Gardens. Quite the opposite. If you want to keep working, keep working. And you can definitely keep your old regular appointments – your weekly coffee with friends, Sunday breakfast at the local café, trips to the movies with the grandkids, or your regular fitness classes, golf game, or external clubs. None of these things have to change unless you want them to.

More time for your interests

Many residents find they have more time to spend on their interests and also to try out something new. New friendships are often formed through these common interests and shared activities. There are often resident-led groups covering a range of interests – art, craft or music clubs, computer skills, gardening or sharing travel tips and stories. If Leederville Gardens doesn’t have a group that caters to an interest you enjoy, you can always start one of your own.

Village rules

As with any community, Leederville Gardens has a set of rules; these exist to ensure that the village community is a peaceful and pleasant experience for all residents.

Some of the things commonly addressed under village rules include keeping pets, parking, visitors, activities by individuals in common areas, use of gardens, renovations and general village management.

If you’re keen on the area, why not visit Leederville Gardens, it’s a wise lifestyle move!