FOGO coming to Leederville Gardens

No FOGO isn’t a new dance move or a trendy new café on Oxford Street – it’s a new way of recycling and disposing of our household waste and it’s being rolled out in Vincent this October, including at Leederville Gardens.

Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) refers to the weekly collection of food scraps and garden organics – such as fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, lawn clippings, leaves, pet droppings and tea bags.

Instead of a two-bin system, residential properties in Vincent will move towards a three-bin service from October, which will include a 240 litre lime green FOGO bin.

There will also be a new 140 litre red lid bin for general waste products that cannot be placed in your FOGO bin such as – nappies and plastic bags.

Your current yellow lid recycling bin will be retained and collected fortnightly as usual.

For people living in a unit or apartment the City of Vincent will determine how many bins are required for your unit complex based on the size of the units and current bin usage.

Most complexes will receive their new FOGO system from early 2022.

Mayor Emma Cole said Vincent’s shift to a three-bin system was a major win for sustainability and encouraged residents to embrace the change.

“As our population grows so too is the waste we are sending to landfill,’’ she said.

“FOGO will turn our organic waste into high quality compost which will have huge environmental benefits such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“A FOGO 3 bin system will also be a great leap towards our City’s target of zero waste to landfill by 2028.”

Leederville Gardens Retirement Estate resident Karen Holyoake has been trialing FOGO for the past few months and said the three-bin system was user friendly and great for the environment.

“I can’t rave about it enough, everyone here has really embraced FOGO and we are actually enjoying recycling,’’ she said.

“So much unwanted waste was going into the bin before, this new system encourages you to think about your waste before throwing it away.“

I know it’s hard for some people to break old habits, but once you make the move to a three-bin system you’ll never look back.”

FOGO bins will be collected once a week, while the red and yellow bins will be collected fortnightly.

As part of the rollout, households will be provided with a caddy bin and liners for their kitchen to help collect their food waste before placing them in the green-top bin.

The three-bin FOGO system will include;

  • A GREEN LID FOGO BIN will be used exclusively for food and organic waste such as fruit, vegetables, fish, bones, animal waste and garden trimmings.
  • A YELLOW LID RECYCLING BIN will continue to be used for plastic bottles, aluminium and steel cans and glass.
  • A RED LID WASTE BIN will be used to dispose of general rubbish items that cannot be composted or recycled, such as nappies, polystyrene, plastic bags and rope.

Under the State Government’s recently revised Waste Strategy 2030, all WA Councils will need to move to a three bin FOGO system by 2025.

Article: City of Vincent